New York Times talks Solar Energy and Brooklyn MicroGrid with Garry

Garry has long been a go-to resource for many topics sounding the future of energy, fuel cells and solar. The New York Times new he was the right person to speak with when they decide to dive into the peer to peer “Solar Experiment” that is the Brooklyn Microgrid.

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Transportation piece published by The Real Estate Council of Austin, Texas

Here’s an excerpt from the article. “Austin resident recently approved a $720 million transportation bond that is, among other strategies, designed to improve traffic flow around several ‘smart corridors’. The physical design improvements aim to improve flow for both transit and private vehicles along key routes.”

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The Tech Crunch forums lit up with debate about “LinkedIn Killing the Resume”

Here’s an excerpt from the piece on Tech Crunch that had everyone talking. “Imagine a future where individuals can illustrate their progression of lifelong learning and training and its links to their real-world performance. In this version of the future, the once-ubiquitous résumé has been ousted by the experience graph.” Read The Full Article

Real Estate Council of Austin Publishes two part series on transportation featuring Garry Golden

The two-part series focuses on getting the audience to take a look into the future of what transportation might be like in Austin, Texas by “Tapping Your Inner Futurist”. You can take a look a part one and part two of the series at the site.

Tech Crunch Asks Garry: Will Embedded Fuel Cells Run The World?

Here’s an excerpt from the piece. “People love their smartphones but hate poor battery life. We love having access to the world’s information at our fingertips but tire of the need to constantly plug into the world’s electricity grid. The recharging model of batteries fails us — the marketplace is ready for a new approach to portable power. ” Read More

The Future of Crypto DApps and the Ethereum Project Community

Possibility to Explore
Crypto ÐApps Go From Fringe to Foundation by 2025
By 2025, the Ethereum network will find mainstream success as ÐApps (decentralized applications) emerge from individuals, businesses, civic institutions and governments eager to develop products and services based on a radical mix of trust, transparency and automation.  Within a decade Ethereum – and the idea of cryptographically secured programmatic decentralized applications will likely move from today’s fringe to a foundation of social innovation. Read more

Embracing the Connected Data Vision of LinkedIn’s Economic Graph


Possibility: By 2025, LinkedIn’s Economic Graph will be its most important commercial product and widely seen by policy-makers and pundits as the most insightful economic, education and social policy tool in the world as it helps us confront challenges of unemployment, skills gaps and creating a positive culture of an engaged workforce. Read more

Why I just backed a Kickstarter FuelCell Project for Personal Power

kraftwerkfuelcell5 minute Summary: I just backed a micro fuel cell project on Kickstarter that is on track to raise $1 million! Why? There is a very seductive vision based on a new distribution model for portable fuels and micro power plants. This post highlights a vision for 2030 when any person in the world can buy clean hydrogen-rich molecule fuels and mini power plants (micro fuel cells) on any local retail shelf. Read more

Working with Intelligent Assistants


Soon after 2020, service and knowledge workers might begin to see their own personal Intelligent Assistant as the key to their workplace success.

The age of the Intelligent Assistant is close but will take years and decades to unfold. Rather then envision Hal from 2001:A Space Odesssy or dream of Scarlett Johannsen’s voice “Samantha’ from the movie Her — focus on understanding the implications of systems like IBM Watson or Kensho’s Warren at work.

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