IEA 2015 World Energy Outlook Report

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is the world’s most recognized energy information and forecasting organization.  The IEA is the starting point for understanding the complex interplay of government policies, private sector markets and the dyanmics of end-user demand.


Here are my take aways from the event as well as the IEA World Energy Outlook from 2015  presentation shown at the event.

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Thank you Intelligent Energy – Why Putting Fuel Cells Inside Devices is a Big Deal

Scenario to Explore: Micro Fuel cells finally hit mainstream news cycle in 2022 when everyone at Burning Man sings their praises as reliable sources of electricity. By 2025 the industry debate over recharging (battery) vs refueling (fuel cells) for electronic devices shifts tone as global manufacturers cut the cord from the grid and embed micro fuel cells insider everything from laptops to floor lamps.  Even in 2025 most people are still unclear how fuel cells work and how they are different but batteries but they celebrate cutting the cord and embrace the design, performance and convenience of refueling devices.

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Embracing the Connected Data Vision of LinkedIn’s Economic Graph


Possibility: By 2025, LinkedIn’s Economic Graph will be its most important commercial product and widely seen by policy-makers and pundits as the most insightful economic, education and social policy tool in the world as it helps us confront challenges of unemployment, skills gaps and creating a positive culture of an engaged workforce. Read more

Why I just backed a Kickstarter FuelCell Project for Personal Power

kraftwerkfuelcell5 minute Summary: I just backed a micro fuel cell project on Kickstarter that is on track to raise $1 million! Why? There is a very seductive vision based on a new distribution model for portable fuels and micro power plants. This post highlights a vision for 2030 when any person in the world can buy clean hydrogen-rich molecule fuels and mini power plants (micro fuel cells) on any local retail shelf. Read more

Four Futures of the Own Your Own Data OYOD Movement

data broker ftc report coverSummary: OYOD or Own Your Own Data is a simple, radical (likely unattainable) idea based on new tools, behaviors and policies that allow people to control their data and grant access to third parties. The early stage reality of an OYOD-ish future will likely be messy and imperfect — but still better than what we see  today.   Read more

Working with Intelligent Assistants


Soon after 2020, service and knowledge workers might begin to see their own personal Intelligent Assistant as the key to their workplace success.

The age of the Intelligent Assistant is close but will take years and decades to unfold. Rather then envision Hal from 2001:A Space Odesssy or dream of Scarlett Johannsen’s voice “Samantha’ from the movie Her — focus on understanding the implications of systems like IBM Watson or Kensho’s Warren at work.

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Framing the Debate: Refueling Fuel cells vs Recharging Battery Electric Vehicles

I had a brief Twitter stream exchange with Christoper Mims, Chris Nelder, and John Licata (all brilliant people; respect!) where I threw out some alternative assumptions on two future directions of electric vehicles via plug-in battery versus hydrogen fuel cells.  Friends and colleagues have asked why I am so skeptical of battery-powered EVs.   Read more

ESA Rosetta approaches comet and reminds us that Rocks are Not Dead!


Media Image Released by European Space Agency

Philosopher Alan Watts once said Rocks are Not Dead and that they are ‘just as much a part of us as our fingernails’. In the universe there are three types of rocks  – comets, asteroids and meteroids.  In the next few months our understanding of comets will (hopefully) grow in interesting ways thanks to a rendezvous that just occured nearly 4 billion miles from Earth. Read more

Energy Revolution Ahead? Utilities may soon favor Fuel Cells over Solar

FC smallSolar power receives more media attention and seems to capture our imagination around the ‘future of energy’, but fuel cell energy appliances represent a more compelling distributed power strategy for utilities looking to develop solutions for commercial customers who demand more resiliency, always-on power and a reduced carbon footprint.

Today we sense high expectations for the future of solar, and either complete confusion, indifference or disdain to the future of fuel cells.  Fuel cells are often over-sold by evangelists or dismissed by skeptics but within a decade, energy pundits may speak of fuel cells as being a more radical (and practical) energy innovation platform than solar energy. With fuel cells you can imagine putting a power plant in every hand, home or community.

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