Society & Politics Event 

Thank you for a memorable evening.  I really enjoyed the conversation!

A few resources below to learn more…

PDF of Slide Deck

Resources on themes from the presentation:

Demographics as Destiny

Key concepts: Demographics; Population Pyramid; Demographic Transition Model (6 min video); Demographic Dividend (Video)

Cool Tool: Population Pyramid Generator (Looks like a newer site is up here!)

Next Level of Learning:
Demographics + Value Systems

WFS Value Survey has a great framework around the Inglehart-Welzel Cultural Map (comparing secular vs traditional memes)

If you want to go down a deeper rabbit hole (which I recommend) learn about Spiral Dynamics Integral.  There is no single resource on Spiral Dynamics that I can refer to with great confidence.  It’s a complicated model but when understood provides tremendous insights into how people and societies pass through development stages.

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*These pages contain links to web resource I find online and ‘tag’ with certain keywords. It is an external memory bank so I do not have to remember where I saw certain articles or reports.


Working with Intelligent Assistants (Data + Artificial Intelligence)

Garry’s Diigo tags (social bookmarks)

Blockchain + Smart Contracts

Concepts to Understand

  • Blockchain (Permissioned vs Permissionless)
  • Decentralized Applications (DApps)
  • Smart Contract (Oracle-based)
  • Keys (Public – Private)
  • Consensus Algorithms (Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Proof of Value, Proof of Elapsed Time)
  • Cryptography (Hash; SHA-256)
  • Merkle Tree

Platforms to Explore

  • Bitcoin (Tokenization; Sidechains; Root)
  • Ethereum (including EVM)
  • Hyperledger (implementation variations include Sawtooth, Fabric, Iroha)
  • Monax (formerly Eris Industries) – as an integrator

 Remember, it will be impossible to understand the blockchain for another few years when real world applications bring it to life. (Just like the Internet as ‘networked computers’ was impossible to grasp in 1994!)


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