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Graph Data + Analytics (Connected Data)
Graph analytics tools (e.g. Neo4j) are in the early days of mainstream use.  Beyond exploring the tools, a first step is understanding the fundamentals of ‘graph thinking’ and its use in helping us develop better patron profiles, understanding customer journeys (pathways) and how we can use connections to drive recommendations.

Graph Connect (click videos) from an annual conference held in the U.S. and Europe.

An introduction to the concept by Jeremi Karnell of Beehaus Marketing



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Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR)
How might performing arts centers leverage virtual reality live-streaming and in-house augmented reality experiences to expand access and deepen engagement?

Dutch National Ballet VR Project (September 2016)

Best viewing via Samsung Gear VR!

Behind the Scenes

Article and Talk by Joris Weijdom, senior lecturer and researcher at HKU Utrecht University of the Arts / HKU Professorship Performative Processes



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Panel Discussion looking at earliest visions and pilots for the arts + entertainment industry.  There is a steep learning curve for the blockchain so recognize that the relevant applications to artists, patrons and performing arts venues are still not clear.  The trusted transactions based on the blockchain could transform relationships between artists and patrons and become the foundation of new rewards and ‘currencies’ based on fan loyalty.  The blockchain might also be used to reduce fraud within the secondary ticket market.

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Projects to Explore: Ujo (content registry database), Resonate, Peer Tracks,

Panel on Blockchain and Music Industry




Autonomous Vehicles
How might performing arts venues connect to ‘last mile’ solutions that make it easier for patrons to get to venues?  How might we create compelling pre- and post-show experiences that occur inside autonomous vehicles used by patrons?

Local Motors + IBM Olli coming to tourism area in D.C., Miami and Las Vegas.





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