Seeking Office Mates for PPW/Windsor Terrace Space 

$550/mo (month to month)

16th St at 10th Avenue Brooklyn
One block from Prospect Park
(F/G Train Prospect Park)

Seeking two office mates to join a unique private work space filled with collections of art, rocks, fossils and office things (e.g. new HP color printer!).

Share in three work zones:

  • High bar table
  • Traditional table
  • Couch-chair

Outdoor table coming soon!

Feels like small café room.  High ceilings. 16×16 room.  Sink. Bathroom.

Seeking people who currently work ‘light’ across cafe-home circuit and are looking to share private space with similar feel:

  • Laptop work style (Fine to keep displays here to plug into)
  • Headphones as needed (If others are on phone calls)
  • Not ideal for heavy client phone call type work

Slightly date photos below:




















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