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** A few post-event conversations from folks who I met on the trade room floor – and email follow ups!

  1. I apologize for rushing through the section on equality vs equity + Millennials and forgetting to mention gender-women’s issues.  We would also want to include LGBTQ issues.  You can see more on the evolution of this visual meme here.  The provocation is imagining how the Millennials might elevate equity and social justice issues in the sustainability Venn circles from the NYLA Sustainability Roadmap.
  2. I also did not dive deep into privacy concerns around the ‘creepy vs compelling’ line of data driven innovation.  There are obvious concerns and a subject that will continue to evolve.
  3. And I mispronounced Latham 😉


Resources to Learning More on Themes 


Aging Populations 


IEA Report (2015) Energy + Climate Change 

Navigant Micro Grid Tracker

NYSERDA Micro Grid Competition

Institute for Local Self Reliance: Mighty Micro Grid report


Sustainability through Universal Design 
Universal design (UD) means that rather than designing your facility and services for the average user, you design them for people with a broad range of abilities, disabilities, and other characteristics—such as age, reading ability, learning style, language, culture, and others.

Sustainability – Socially Equitable


Yale Climate Chance Communication Project 

NY State Clean Energy 

Plug Power Inc 

GE Fuel cells


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