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**I’m off Amtrak and back to real Wi-Fi!  In Dad mode now but will return to this resource page over the weekend and bring more focus on arts education pathways!

1) ExperienceAPI (xAPI)
Remember ExperienceAPI is currently a focus of enterprise L&D.  The scenario we want to explore is the ability to capture experiences in an arts learning context.  I would love to see education leaders push for ExperienceAPI (xAPI) into the learner model — but for now we can watch it unfold within the L&D community!

ExperienceAPI & Learning Record Store (LRS) Companies:
(xAPI statements are stored in LRS data stores)


2) Connected Data + Outcomes 

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3) Graph Database Companies:
There is a learning curve with graph analytics!  Tools to easily import and use graph analytics (mapping) are just around the corner. is among the more accesible — but the thought leadership is within the Neo4j developer community.  Again, I would love to see education leaders step up and push for graph models around the learning journey!

Garry’s Diigo Tags: graph

Neo4j (start here; most general use database)


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