Open House
Learn about the Vision for the Brooklyn Microgrid

Brooklyn residents are helping to transform the local energy system.

Phase One has been focused on getting more people to install rooftop solar panels.

Phase Two will be connecting local producers to local consumers and creating a local microgrid.

Come to an Open House to learn more about the concept of a microgrid which would allow ‘prosuming’ solar owners to sell excess energy to consuming neighbors and local businesses. (For techies it is about distributed energy meeting blockchain based peer-to-peer transactions)

All are invited to the open house — home owners with solar panels and residents/business owners interested in learning about microgrids.

Saturday December 3rd
2 – 3:30 pm

496 16th Street (at 10th Ave) Brooklyn) just down from Dub’s & Farrell’s bar (off F/G Train 15th St/Prospect Park Stop)
Garry Golden’s office.  Limited space so RSVP (Sasha Santiago <>)  if you can make or think you might make it!

2:00 pm –    Hear from Park Slope residents on President street and LO3 who are behind early phases of the Brooklyn Micro Grid Project.  Chance to ask questions, learn more, et al.
3:30 pm –   Wrap up

Brooklyn Microgrid
is in the first phase of deploying a new technology in Park Slope that directly connects local renewable energy producers to consumers. For the first time, households (and businesses) who own solar systems will have choice and control over their energy generation, including the potential to sell excess production for a premium over what the utility pays under the so-called “net-metering” arrangement. We believe that by unlocking additional value for owners of solar systems, adoption of renewable energy in the community will be accelerated. Just as important, by making a market for locally-produced renewable energy possible, consumers will have the choice for the first time to purchase renewable energy that doesn’t just help the planet, it actually helps improve local air quality and keeps money spent on energy in the community. But first we need your participation! We are in the first phase of bringing this technology to the public which involves metering consumption of production through our new technology.

Brooklyn Microgrid invites you to see how it all works and hear from some of a few of our early adopters about their experience with Brooklyn Microgrid. We look forward to informing you how you can participate in creating a new energy future for your community!


Company Leading the Project: L03 / TransactiveGrid

Video (1:31 min)


Video (6 min)

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