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I use the social bookmarking service Diigo to ‘tag’ resources I find on the web with a set of keywords.  It allows me to see signals of change– then archive it by keywords which can be searched later when I have time to do more in depth research.

The following ‘Diigo’ tags are time-stamped so most recent first:

*** Note: Within my tag ‘library’ search bar you can combine ‘tags’ – energy and data


Companies at intersection of blockchain and energy:

LO3  (Brooklyn Microgrid


Power Ledger
Grid Singularity
Electron (UK)

PowerPeers (Netherlands)

Pylon Network Klenergy





Blockchain and Energy 
There is no single video that captures the opportunity — so it takes a bit of digging

Lo3 / Brooklyn Microgrid  



Exxon Fuel Cell Energy project 

A more detailed conversation with Exxon and Fuel Cell energy leaders




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