March 27, 2014

From Apple’s Knowledge Navigator to Mindmeld: The Evolution of Personal Assistant

Expect Lab‘s Marsal Gavalda walks us through 26 minute video of techno-optimistic geek goodness by looking at present day enthusasiam for personal assistant technologies and some of the historical milestones that brought us here.

Why the enthusiasm in 2014?  The Spike Jonze’s movie Her gets credit for popularizing the idea of a likeable and lovable personal assistant but the real source of optimism is just old fashion innovation from our learning curve.  Artificial intelligence sub-domains of machine-learning and deep-learning (used for real-time understanding of natural language) are making steady progress. The past few years have given the world very positive advances around knowledge graphs for natural language, sentiment analysis of unstructured data, and anticipation oriented recommendation systems.

The next five years will bring hype and real hope for functional contextual search and conversation-based experiences that make personal assistant beyond 2020 likely and doable.  I have waxed poetic about Expected Labs MindmeldAPI and have the same respect for companies like NextIt and Artificial Solutions (Indigo) who are creating the early market demand.

My highlights from his talk: min 2:20 Github workflow and productivity visualization]

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Marsal mentioned the Apple 1987 video of the Knowledge Navigator



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